i'm going to die a cat lady

Thursday, December 15, 2005

dear blogger,

this isn't easy but there are so many things i have to tell you..so many things that may hurt you.

we have been together for almost three years now. through childbirth to cats, to online dating mishaps to stories of supreme social retardation, you have been there for me, helping me tell the stories to the Internet. you have helped me through many rough times (holy angst) and without you, i may have ended up in a nuthouse somewhere. Blogger, you made me laugh when recapping loser adventure stories and cry when reading about other people's issues. whenever something interesting (well..maybe not that interesting) happened, i would immediately look forward to coming home to tell you all about it. you allowed me to meet other bloggers with the helpful use of the next blog button. for you, blogger, i will always be grateful. i will always love you.

as much as i love you blogger, it's time to move on. i might be growing out of this relationship. i find myself needing more...like password protected entries, "filed under" and other post pages that you just can't offer me right now. maybe you need to grow up a bit too and one day, you can offer me a package that will keep us both happy and where we can grow old together like i had always hoped for us.

i think it's time we start to see other people. i've met someone else, wordpress. i think in time, there will be room for both of you in my life but right now, getting this new relationship established is taking up most of my time. i hope to reconnect with you sometime soon. i really do hope we can still be friends.


p.s. the hardest thing i've ever had to do was turn around and walk away, pretending i don't love you.

internet, come visit me at futurecatlady.net